Midwest Tour April 28-30th with The Marvels!!!!!!! 

Davenport & Milan. 



New Song "Firecracker". Check out the video below with my buddy Michael Davids on keys and harmonies.

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Tomorrow Comes the Spring - John Neilson: Keep an eye out for this guy or, better yet, listen to this auspicious collection of catchy folk rock originals. The Austin, Texas-based Neilson—who has written songs for TV and film and coauthored material with Sophie B. Hawkins—sounds a bit like Steve Earle but is vocally more versatile: he can go from rough-edged to delicate in a heartbeat. – Jeff Burger
“Columbian Cocaine” falls into lines with the soft sturdy vocals of John Neilson as the fragile folk guitar tones flicker in the dark of night. The sparkle of notes helps John as he falls into the unknown with love over reverbed riffs and an assured beat. Tomorrow Comes the Spring, the latest release from John Neilson, rolls rhythms (“Starlight Eyes”), textures African patters (“Shape I’m In”) and sets a pace as footfalls come closer to the “End of the Road”. John gathers air into his powerful lungs as he pushes out barely audible confessions that get relocated to the sidelines by the power of personal resurrection.John was writing, and seeing the “Lights of Los Angeles” from the inside. While John did not see his name on the marquee, he found his work on credits on movie and film, and had his songs recorded by Sophie B. Hawkins and LA Guns. John Neilson has a way of making stories personal. You can smell the cherry blossoms and see the quick glance in “One Week”, feel the bite of cheap liquor in the glow of Christmas lights in “Coming Home” and raise your head with pride as you “Walk Away” looking for your smile on a rock’n’roll beat."  The Alternate Root Magazine

" John Neilson's Tomorrow Comes the Spring is the most honest record I have ever produced. His vocal delivery is the most honest I have ever heard. My favorite song is whatever one is playing, it's just that good. " Platinum Producer Jim Wirt

" I wrote some songs with John Neilson. He was really fun to work with. He's really weird, scruffy and artistic, like a young Tom Waits. He is so incredible, but he didn't get a record deal even though the songs are good. He's a real artist. I love this guy so much. I couldn't believe he didn't get a deal." - Sophie B Hawkins